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At JR HQ we're passionate about community and while we face unprecedented & scary times, the way in which our communities have come together with courage, strength and fearless passion simply has to be celebrated.
We have launched ''JR Heroes'' which is a daily celebration of the superheroes in our communities - those people showing unparalleled courage in our communities to combat Covid-19. 
Do you know a JR Hero in the Swansea Bay Region (NPT, Swansea & Carmarthenshire)? Are you a JR Hero? Then we want to hear from you!
Our daily hero's will get a social media celebration dedicated to them​
JR Heroes can be anyone at the heart four communities, including:
  • Doctors
  • Nurses, Midwives & health professionals 
  • First responders, Paramedics & Air ambulance  
  • Hospital,  NHS staff & care workers
  • Charity workers 
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Police, Fire fighters, Coast guards,  & emergency services
  • Delivery drivers, transport & postal staff
  • Supermarket & food retail teams
  • Business' going above & beyond
  • Volunteers & community champions
  • Little legends in our community
  • Public sector essential & key workers (including teachers etc)
  • Anyone else playing a key role in our communities. 
Please complete the form below to nominate a JR Hero. And don't forget to include an image too wherever possible!
Should you have any questions or queries, or if you're a business that wants to support the event and campaign, please contact events@jr-eventsandcatering.co.uk
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