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In order to minimise pinch points during the pandemic, we ask that all guests please consider placing a drinks pre-order for your table,  which will be placed on your table in preparation for your arrival. 

When you reach the Brangwyn, there will be a scannable QR code available on each table to allow you to order additional drinks . The bar will also be open for those preferring to order there. 


1. Below you will find an order form (excel) which details all of the available drinks, and a column to place your order. PLEASE NOTE, while we make every effort to stock each branded product, we may have to make substitutions due to stock issues impacting the hospitality industry

2. Please download the form, and complete all details.

3. Please return the form to no later than 7 working days prior to the event. Forms received after this time may not be processed.

4. Near the date of the event you will receive an invoice for your order - this will include various payment method options including card payment and BACS.

5. Please ensure payment is made no later than 3 working days prior to the event. If payment is made later than your order will not be completed and you will have to contact the finance team after the event to request a refund. You will also need to order at the bar as your pre-order will have been cancelled. Please note that the team working the event have no way of checking any finance details or payment methods that will have been processed via the separate finance team at HQ.   Should our finance team need to complete new supplier documents etc a £30 admin fee will apply.

6. We will liaise  with the event organiser regarding your table number Should we have any queries we will of course contact you directly. When the above is completed, when you arrive at the venue your drinks will await your arrival o your table. if you have a shared table, your drinks will be clearly labelled with your name. 

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Brangwyn.

our clients
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